Ending ceremony of mahamastakabhishek

6th February, 2017

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Highest Jain Idol In World I Statue of Ahimsa

Rishabhgiri of Mangitungi Siddhakshetra

It has been described in Jain Granthas like Padmapuran etc. that in the Teerthkal of the 20th Teerthankar Bhagwan Munisuvratnath, 99 crore Mahamunis attained Moksha from Mangitungiji Siddhakshetra about 12 lac years before from today. This Siddhakshetra is presently situated near Tahrabad about 125 Km from Distt. Nashik-Maharashtra (India). In the Northern direction of Mangitungi (Bhilvad) village, there is a huge mountain having twin peculiar peaks. One peak is called as Mangigiri, while the other is famous with the name of Tungigiri. The whole of this hilly area is known as “Galna Hills”. Mangi at 4,343 ft height above sea level is the Western pinnacle while Tungi, standing 4,366 ft high, is on the Eastern side.

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Aryika Chandanamati Mataji

Aryika Chandanamati Mataji

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Peethadheesh Ravindrakirti Swamiji

Peethadheesh Ravindrakirti Swamiji

Chairman of Murti nirman Committee


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